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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Happy anniversary

One Year Ago

Holy fiscal impact, Batman: First The Oregonian awakens its newsroom with a buyout offer for its most senior staffers (those with a combined age and tenure at the paper of at least 95 years) then raises newsstand prices from 35 to 50 cents. We understand what that means, but what of the September rejiggering of the paper's masthead, which elevated President Pat Stickel above Editor Sandy Rowe, at least graphically? The pair are potential successors for current Oregonian publisher Fred Stickel, who is 84.

From the department of minutiae: Two weeks ago, Murmurs noted the puzzling alteration of The Oregonian's masthead, which coincided with the paper's redesign and elevated, at least graphically, President Pat Stickel above Editor Sandy Rowe. Well, on Sunday, somebody rejiggered the masthead again, placing Rowe and Stickel Jr., both of whom are said to want the publisher's job held by Pat's father, Fred, on the same level again.

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