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Friday, November 17, 2006

The magazine side of the business

"Advance's newspapers prop up
the magazine side of the business."

Carol Felsenthal, author of Citizen Newhouse: Portrait of a Media Merchant

The Newhouse chain of monopoly newspapers - like The Oregonian - generate the profits from subscribers and advertisers necessary to underwrite their glitter, power and glory loss-leader magaziness.

The private empire, whose value is estimated at more than $20 billion, is financed on the Sam Newhouse newspaper economic model - monopoly: eradicate competition, then hike prices to insure profits that would otherwise require a lot more hard work to generate.
Monopoly (wikipedia): "A magazine publishing firm, for example, might publish many different magazines on many different subjects, but it would still be considered to engage in monopolistic practices if the intent of doing this was to control the entire magazine-reader market, and prevent the emergence of competitors."
These are some of the magazines in the Advance Publications empire owned by the billionaire Newhouse brothers from New York.

Part 2 in a series: "Getting to know The Oregonian's owners"

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Anonymous said...

Awwww! They don't publish any gun magazines? Why not, do you s'pose??


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