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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

M-SS update 1.4

The Oregonian editors featured in Doonesbury

Around Newhouse corporate headquarters at Advance Publications, the New York based owner of The Oregonian, Multiple-Standard Syndrome is no joke.

But now, foibles at the state's daily monopoly and dominant news organ have become the subject of national ridicule, since Garry Trudeau's syndicated comic strip, Doonesbury, began poking fun at Portland a week ago.

Last Friday, Doonesbury depicted passengers riding up the new Pill Hill Aerial Rapid Transit System (PHARTS). A "Tram Concierge" points to OHSU, announcing:
"After disembarking, take a few moments at the Kohler Pavilion Interpretive Center display. This month, The Oregonian editors are guinea pigs in a lab experiment being conducted by out-of-state interests."
The Newhouses also took some heat in Sunday editorials around the state.

The Medford Mail-Tribune editors, wagging a rhetorical finger at "arrogance and hypocrisy", scolded: "The Oregonian isn't just a disgrace. It's a national laughingstock."

Editors at the Bend Bulletin, making a pitch for disgruntled, sticker-shocked advertisers in fast-growing Deschutes County, called The Oregonian "an unregulated Oregon tollbooth for the Newhouse billionaires in Manhattan."

The Daily Astorian editors chided, "Doonesbury has plenty of mileage left in Portland and at The Oregonian."

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