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Monday, December 11, 2006

The wrong message

Governor's staff selections send the wrong message

I just read your Nov. 30 article "Governor names new chief of staff, deputy in shuffle" and just about fell over. We have known for many years the Democrats cater to the labor unions and Democratic governors appoint union officials to important boards and commissions, but the appointments of Chip Terhune and Tim Nesbitt as Gov. Kulongoski's new chief of staff and new deputy chief of staff are over the top.

Special-interest groups have an enormous amount of influence in our political system. The very idea Gov. Kulongoski is bringing leaders of the most powerful special-interest groups in the state to be his advisers is unbelievable.

These people, along with a Democratic House and Senate, are wonderful news for the unions. I hope there will be enough money left over for a couple of textbooks and maybe to fill a pothole or two. I don't know how many more PERS-type programs I can afford.

Salem Statesman-Journal, Dec. 6, by David G. Bailey, Silverton

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Anonymous said...

Its about time the "special interests" of working Oregonians come to the foreground. The whining and crying of the business interests have resulted in most corporations paying few if any taxes, yet receive as much and more of state services.

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