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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Duin honored

Well-deserved recognition

The Oregon League of W---- Vultures has named longtime Oregonian columnist Steve Duin an Honorary Lifetime Member. Ratification of Duin's nomination, which had been advanced by a secret delegate committee, was announced at the League's annual January dinner. The local group is the in-state arm of the well-known, hyper-partisan out-of-state political organization.

Introducing Duin, League president Margaret Noel said, "Steve Duin stands apart as the nastiest man in Oregon. He is constantly working to create carrion from nothing and deserves to be one of us. Come on over here, Steve. The Oregon LWV officially welcomes you to our pack."

Oregonian publisher Fred A. Stickel praised Duin at an after-hours company celebration at 1320 SW Broadway, that featured a gin-and-tonic fountain, canapés, and a humorous YouTube video from the LWV event. "It's about time Steve started to receive some recognition for his lasting contributions to our community," said Stickel.

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