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Monday, March 5, 2007

Breaking scandal

Bribery at The Oregonian?
According to insiders, it's no joke.

The scandal story involves the conduct of The Oregonian's Pulitzer-winning reporter, Tom Hallman, and his prize subject - Andrew Weiderhorn - Portland's gargantuan union pension fund criminal.

By all indications, the local media are abuzz and on the eve of this year's prestigious awards, Oregon's statewide monopoly daily is entering lock-down, damage control mode. Start here, last Wednesday:

Willamette Week, Feb. 28 - "Where there's smoke, there's a contest"

By yesterday, the Hallman story had advanced, as best told at other blogs (incl. comments):

• Oregon Media Insiders - "An Oregonian reporter, a WW photo contest, and a mighty storm"

• - "Troublemakers!"

Willamette Week promises an update this week. The Oregonion will try to keep you current.

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