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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Bribery scandal update

Still no joke.
"Hallman Whitewash Memo" released

The bribery scandal involves Willamette Week's revelations about The Oregonian's Pulitzer-prize winning reporter Tom Hallman and his sugar-daddy subject, union pension fund criminal fraud kingpin Andrew Weiderhorn.

The Oregonian - the state's dominant news organ and monopoly statewide newspaper - leaked a carefully worded 4-paragraph internal document attributed to Editor Sandra Mims Rowe that is being called the "Hallman Whitewash Memo." Management is refusing to speak on the record with WW or other outside reporters.

Acknowledging a "failure in judgment", Rowe holds the newspaper innocent, stating that "Hallman's action doesn't relate to his current assignment or affect a specific story published."

Hallman faces a handful of wrist-slaps including "participating in a series of ethics discussions with Managing Editor Therese Bottomly."

WW, Mar. 7 - The Hallman Photo ... and Its Aftermath, more to follow

The Oregonian's
memo, .pdf, Mar. 5 - "As most of you have heard ..."

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