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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Nation's leaders assess Oregon

Big Labor pleased with their lab experiment

Most Oregonians don't know much about The Oregonian's billionaire out-of-state owner, Si Newhouse. The Manhattan media mogul has deep ties with organized labor. And he's been making sure that national union bosses in Washington, D.C. are giving a long, hard look at what's going on here.

Last year, Oregon voters handed unchecked political power to a government union coalition already considered the 800-lb. gorilla of state politics. Now Oregonians want to know, from the nation's leading collective bargainers - "How are we doing?"

Here's what our nation's leaders had to say:

AFL-CIO president John Sweeney
"Labor has always supported democratic rights and we will continue to pour money into Oregon from out-of-state. The whole gang there is doing a bang-up job. Tim Nesbitt in particular has earned a seat at the national union table. It was well worth sending him out there when we did."

SEIU president Andy Stern
"So we had a little setback at Kaiser Permanente last year. Look, that NLRB card-check ruling against us is only a wrist-slap, a six month penalty. Even Right To Work called it a symbolic victory. We have no problems with what's going on in Oregon. Any other questions?"

NEA president Reg Weaver
"Our Oregon was very efficient with the out-of-state money we sent to Oregon to oppose signature-gathering. Patty Wentz deserves recognition for always digging. Finding that underemployed pornographer in Eugene to spoon-feed the national media was genius. They ate it up."

AFT president Eddie McElroy
"That NEA early money into Oregon last year was mainly a laundering operation. From there it went to signature-blockers in Oklahoma, Nevada, everywhere. AFT doesn't play that hard in Oregon, it's a turf thing, a long story, some other time. Irregardless, we're very pleased with the Oregon Legislature right now."

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