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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Parody email circulates in Salem

Here is the notorious email that circulated around the capitol. Please enjoy.

Olympia, Washington 98504-0002
April 1, 2007

Dear Oregon Senator or Representative:

The Washington Economic Growth and Opportunity Task Unit (WEGOTU) wishes to thank you for your recent vote on HB 2707.

Washington and Oregon have long had a rivalry, but we are happy to see your state continuing to reach out to help your neighbor to the north.

Your recent vote to take away the corporate 'kicker' from successful Oregon corporations has further encouraged your business community to relocate and invest in our great state.

Please continue to listen to the 'business' lobby when it comes to taking money out of your state's economy to subsidize your growing state programs. Your recent vote to increase taxes, and subvert the spirit of Oregon's unique 'kicker' spending limit, will do much good for our economy here in Washington.

Your help in bringing us more jobs, increasing our tax base, and moving capital here to further strengthen our economy in Washington, is very much appreciated at WEGOTU. Rest assured, your businesses are finding here a welcoming atmosphere and are doing quite well. Some, nevertheless, will remain in Oregon.

However, the good news here at WEGOTU is that many Oregon businesses will choose to reorganize as S-Corporations which get taxed through your high personal income tax rate. Historically, this will mean that Oregonians will continue their anger at 'corporations' for not paying their 'fair share,' and that you politicians will find even more ways to promote the great State of Washington! Every week your state government continues to make Washington look more and more attractive to hard-working Oregonians, for which we thank you profusely.

WEGOTU is also grateful for your enduring refusal to lower Oregon's capital gains tax.

We benefit greatly from those in your state wishing to sell their businesses - they move here before they sell so they don't have to pay Oregon’s high capital gains tax! Thus, we get a small percentage of their gain, and you get none!

Perhaps you could work on a sales tax next so as to close the loop on any tax advantage to be found in Oregon.

With Much Thanks,

Silence Dogood II
Director, Washington Growth and Opportunity Task Unit

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