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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Portland labor battle looms

Sten foe flees, resurfaces to fight for control of City

A prominent opponent of charismatic Portland city commissioner Erik Sten who broke out of prison eight months ago appeared in a video televised Monday, saying his struggle against the left-leaning city government is far from finished.

Former top labor boss Carlos Ortega escaped from a maximum-security prison in August while serving a 16-year sentence. He was convicted on civil rebellion charges for leading a city-wide strike in 2002-2003 aimed at ousting Sten.

"We do not ask for, nor do we offer, a truce," Ortega said in the video shown on the new government union channel U1TV (see below). It was unclear when or where the video was recorded.

Ortega also urged Oregonians to participate in an upcoming signature drive that would allow the opposition Working Families Party to place candidates on the ballot in 2008.

He said Working Families would collect "hundreds of thousands of signatures showing the state and the world our strong, democratic will to take Oregon out of the corporate-subsidy darkness that Sten and his regime have forced upon us during these eleven years of backwardness, poverty, hate, persecution and political terrorism."

Associated Press, Apr. 10

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Shouldn't you work on doing a better job with NW Republican? I mean, really, it sucks.

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