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Friday, May 4, 2007

Anarchists disrupt Oregon Senate

Senator "heartbroken, ashamed of political shenanigans" v. M37

Sen. Jackie Winters (R-Salem): "Thank you Mr. President. Mr. President, I rarely take the microphone to speak, or to remonstrate, on an issue. And I chose this morning, because I've been in this building, in one form or another, since 1969, in a building that I love and admire, and a process that I've loved and admired. And for the first time in my career, I am ashamed.

I am ashamed at how this body dealt with a major issue. I'm actually heartbroken about the damage done to a process. Last night, when the Ways and Means full committee met, we fast-tracked and rewrote Measure 37. We did it in a way that is not Oregon. We did it in a way where a whole caucus was completely left out of the process and the voices of thousands of Oregonians were unheard.

In 15 minutes, the full Ways and Means Committee rewrote a law that had been passed by more than 60% of Oregon voters. And the poster child for Measure 37 was an elderly lady some 90 years old plus, whom I had the good fortune of knowing when I was a student at Boise School in Portland, Oregon.

We all get caught up in this building sometimes with out shenanigans - political shenanigans. But when we deny a process - that we came here to say we we all want to be a part of - I think we've gone over the line. As representatives of all Oregonians, and as representatives in this building, I respect all of you. I respect the work that you do. But what happened last night ... and Mr. President - you're fond of saying "Oregon, my Oregon," - was not Oregon. It truly was not representative government at its best."

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Anonymous said...

Are M37 advocates and voters Anarchists too for seeking to purge the "public use" component of the fifth amendment?

Big Taxing Government seems to tend toward Anarchism or Bar Room Brawl

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