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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The Oregonian lags on pollution, global warming

Massive deforestation, unchecked paper-waste stream

The motto of Oregon's largest corporate polluter is familiar: "Do as I say, not as I do." So while the editors of The Oregonian predictably hop on the political power-fad bandwagon of global warming, it is also not surprising that - according to environmentalists - Newhouse companies are utterly failing to address their own corporate pollution problems.

The Newhouse chain of newspapers - including The Oregonian - comprises monopolies scattered throughout the nation. Supplemented by a stable of glitz and glamor magazines, the publishing powerhouse pencils out as one of the largest privately-owned print media empires in the nation and the world.

Along with The Oregonian's size, come not only large profits expropriated from Oregon to New York ... but also a large local community responsibility that requires action, not just talk. It's simply too late for hypocrisy. Now is the time for Oregonians to act locally, while thinking globally. We can all make an immediate, positive impact on our environment:

Cancel your subscription to The Oregonian: here.

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