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Monday, May 21, 2007

The Oregonian to test plastic newspaper

State's largest polluter unapologetic
Paper or plastic? Which is the best choice for the environment?

That familiar choice in the grocery line - paper or plastic? - may now apply to your daily newspaper. Although most folks choose plastic, state law says they must offer paper bags, too. But does the same choice really matter for New York billionaire Si Newshouse's state monopoly newspapers - like The Oregonian - that pride themselves on self-congratulation and hypocrisy?

Yes, it does. But maybe not the way you think. Newspapers, for example, take more energy to manufacture than they return to the social environment, according to some critics of advocacy journalism. Newspapers are a dinosaur, and Oregon's precious farmland is being turned into landfill to make room for "yesterday's fish and chip paper."

By any measure, it's better to refuse a newspaper - no matter what kind - than to take a new subscription, experts say - because the current situation is getting even worse.

The Oregonian - the state's most unrepentant corporate polluter - is now amping up its abuse of the environment by offering to lower subscription prices from $10/wk to $8/wk - but only if the subscriber tacks on the ad-rich, news-poor Sunday paper to an existing weekday subscription.

Portland City Commissioner Sam Adams called The Oregonian on the carpet to try to control the proliferation of waste about the time San Francisco took the more drastic step of restricting the use of paper to deliver advertising and news.

The Oregonian, May 17, By MICHAEL MILSTEIN

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