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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Area in labor paralysis

Beaverton - City, union clash boils over

SEIU Local 503 public servants crowded the back of Beaverton's Council Chambers Monday night to protest several labor issues. (, 6/7)

Senator Betsy Johnson - corruption continues

Sen. Betsy Johnson (D-Scappoose) confers with Oregon AFL-CIO officials about an executive department appointment they have offered the embattled political heavyweight. The deal could put an end to a swirling land-for-influence corruption probe - and to Johnson's once-meteoric political career.

Portland - Carpenters' strike drags on
Just in: AFL-CIO orders in the scabs!

June 5 - Audio redacted

In this short clip of a car passing the picket line this morning in South Waterfront, the sound was deleted because of several swear words yelled at the driver by strikers. (, 6/6)

June 4 - Violent strikers damage property

The association's final offer to the carpenters May 30 proposed wage increases of 4.3 percent each year for two years. The union says it wants increases of 6 percent. (, 6/5)

June 1 - "No contract, no peace"

Journeymen drywallers currently make $29.33 an hour, or $40.82 including benefits. (, 6/1)

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