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Friday, June 8, 2007

Lapses in judgment plague U.S.

Oregonians as susceptible as others

Clinton National Security Adviser Sandy Berger disbarred over archives theft: "Berger admitted destroying some of the documents and then lying about it. He called his actions a lapse of judgment." (foxnews, 6/8)

Spunky the Clown laments her arrest on drug smuggling charges, which ruined her 18-year career: "Markham, 35, who has no prior arrest record, says her lapse in judgment has ruined her life and cost her the only business she has ever known." (, 6/8)

Board of Elections director admits tampering with records: "Judy Stapler's attorney called it a 'lapse of judgment on her part.'" (, 6/6)

Senator Betsy Johnson corruption probe: "She admits a lapse in judgment for not reporting the land sale." (, June 1)

President of Minnesota state Senate arrested on DUI hours after gaveling the 2007 session closed: "I am truly sorry for my lapse in judgment," said Sen. James Metzen." (, May 23)

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