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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Legislature to stay in session full-time

Democrats, Republicans have unfinished business
New Supreme Court Chief Justice Tim Nesbitt OK's emergency measure

Our Oregon's Patty Wentz gushed. "This is great! It's the best news we've had in 16 years!"

Oregon's Senate and House leaders have decided to keep the state Legislature in session. Instead of coming back for an "emergency" session next year - what was to have been an experimental, first-ever test in annual sessions - lawmakers have agreed it will be better to legislate continually, year-round. Sine die, or "last day", thus becomes a relic of the past. According to Wentz, "Adjournment is a quaint anachronism that no longer serves the public good."

Government union political experts said that with increasing experience under the new rule, Oregon's Legislature will begin to fulfill its promise of being responsive and accountable. Combined with an election reform measure enacted earlier this session that shields incumbents from challenges, the experts say we will soon have the #1 rated Legislature in the nation.

The Oregonian, June 26, By EDWARD WALSH

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