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Friday, June 22, 2007

State spending to make unions stronger

Oregonians' tax dollars hard at work
Labor Lab at the U. of O. focuses on gaining, keeping political power

It's no accident that Oregon is #1 in the nation for government unions. For decades, Oregon state taxpayers have funded a "Labor Lab" that has played a crucial role in accomplishing that goal.

Even after 30 years of subsidy, most Oregonians are completely unaware of one of the Legislature's most effective, results-producing appropriations.

Here are more details about LERC, from its tax-funded website at the U. of O.:

Oregon Labor Education and Research Center

• We believe that the presence of a strong union movement not only provides workers with vital protections but also is essential to maintaining a just and democratic society.

• LERC faculty provide technical assistance to legislators, community activists, and governmental agencies at the state, local, and federal level and frequently furnish background information on labor and employment issues to the news media.

• Sample course titles
1-420 Labor and Politics
1-130 Fighting Contracting Out and Privatization
1-520 Building Successful Campaigns
2-450 Workers Compensation

• Today's union leaders need an understanding of the changing economic, political and legal environment. They must also know how to:

* Activate their members
* Organize new work units
* Engage members in the political process
* Communicate well in different settings
* Plan and carry out innovative strategies that best protect and represent their members

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